Comprehensive IT Assessment

A Holisitic Unbiased View

A Comprehensive IT Assessment will deliver an unbiased view of your technology, processes, people and governance.

Regardless of industry or company size, CEOs and CFOs often struggle to answer the question, “Am I getting my money’s worth from IT?” We will help you answer this question and the underlying questions that drive it. Our Comprehensive IT Assessments identify potential risks that could affect your company, as well as solution alternatives.

With your company in mind, our main focus is not only to improve your IT systems, but also to improve your bottom line through more streamlined and effective IT solutions.  Regular IT assessments will allow our auditors to review current technology methods, assess improved solutions and plan for the future in the face of regularly changing technology.

Why Does Your Business Need an IT Assessment?

The purpose of a comprehensive IT assessment is to review your existing IT infrastructure for strengths, weaknesses and methods for improvement.  The ultimate goal of the assessment is to develop a more useful and safer IT infrastructure to better serve your business.  The Gazon Technologies provides comprehensive IT audits as a service to ensure that only highly trained professionals are evaluating your systems, testing your protocols and developing an improved path forward.

The health of your IT system does not solely depend upon the system itself, but also upon the management of your organization, personnel training and security protocols. In order for the technology to function at its maximum ability, the individuals involved must be adequately able to use it. Our IT professionals will review every part of your current IT practices, including both standard operating procedures and the methods actually used by your employees.

Our industry-leading holistic methodology includes:


We conduct interviews and focused dialog with executives and stakeholders. The main purpose of these interviews is to understand how technology is needed in your business, and how it is ultimately used. Our approach is flexible and considers your organization’s culture, IT environment, systems, business operations, and priorities.

We seek to understand all facets of your business in order to complete the most accurate, detailed and effective assessment. Our interview inquiries will include:

  • The state of the business
  • Key initiatives
  • Business strategy alignment
  • Strategic use of technology
  • Desired goals and results 

We conduct interviews and focused dialog with key department heads and process owners to learn:

  • What’s working, what’s not
  • Workflow
  • Ideas and concerns 

We conduct interviews and focused dialog with internal and external IT teams to learn:

  • What working, what’s not
  • Resource management
  • Business alignment
  • Ideas and concerns 

All-inclusive IT Analysis:

We perform a comprehensive end-to-end infrastructure analysis. Our team employs software agents and centralized software performance monitoring tools to gather data for the client LAN and WAN. The IT infrastructure assessment consists of a thorough review of your IT infrastructure, business processes and controls.

  • Use of Technology
  • Capacity
  • Performance
  • Cybersecurity (Available as a separate standalone assessment)
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity (Available as a separate standalone assessment)
  • Policies, Procedures, Governance 

What you receive:

  • Scorecard and model
  • An Executive Summary for nontechnical stakeholders
  • Comprehensive, detailed findings delivered digitally and physically (via a 400+ page binder)   
  • Interview objectives, themes, barriers, Mind Maps
  • Recommendations and solution options

What Will My Company Get Out of a Comprehensive IT Audit?

Once our IT professionals have completed the audit, you will have a better understanding of the IT functions that are adequately serving your business and the ones that are not.  With this information, you will better understand how to proceed for the future to improve efficiency, productivity and security.  The ultimate goal of an IT audit by The Gazon Technologies is to secure your business now, and for the future.

Although the professional recommendations that stem from an IT assessment may seem daunting, The Gazon Technologies will be there to help you accomplish these tasks every step of the way. Our detailed findings may recommend a myriad of improved IT functions that will implement higher security, improve productivity and save your company money over the long term.

Some of these services may include:

Cloud Managed Services
The Gazon Technologies offers cloud brokerage services to help your business move from a premise environment to the cloud. The number of cloud options are vast, and the offerings vary; our certified IT professionals will help you determine which cloud alternative would best serve your business. Migration to cloud can help businesses thrive in many ways, including increased speed, quality, security and monetary savings.
Learn more about our Cloud Managed Services

Cybersecurity Services
Data breaches and other cybersecurity threats have the ability to have lingering harmful effects on a business’s reputation, functionality and bottom line. If your business lacks adequate security systems, it can become vulnerable to the growing number of cyber criminals and cyber threats. The Gazon Technologies offers comprehensive cybersecurity services that include managed ransomware protection, managed next-gen antivirus protection, managed software patching and managed security monitoring.
Learn more about our Cybersecurity Services

Disaster Recovery Services
Sometimes, even despite the best efforts of a business, a technology outage cannot be avoided due to natural disaster or cyber-attack. Disaster recovery and business continuity services from The Gazon Technologies will prevent significant downtime and financial loss by duplicating your current infrastructure onto a backup infrastructure. This will ensure that even if disaster does strike, your business can quickly recover to prevent loss of productivity, revenue or reputation.
Learn more about our Disaster Recovery Services

Compliance Consulting
If you are in an industry bound by legal, ethical or other regulatory guidelines, it is crucial that you remain in compliance to avoid negative ramifications. Often times, failure to comply stems from a failed or improperly used IT function. The Gazon Technologies can help your business align your IT systems with compliance requirements to avoid legal violations, data breaches and negative publicity.
Learn more about Compliance Consulting

Why Choose The Gazon Technologies for your Company’s IT Assessments?

The Gazon Technologies’ team  view themselves as an extension of your company, with only your goals and needs in mind. With a vast amount of knowledge and experience, we understand the different requirements and needs of different industries so that we are capable to serve your business, no matter your needs.  The Gazon Technologies’s culture is not only built upon experience and knowledge, but also on a passion for technology, cyber security, and your business’s success.

It is our main priority to help our clients exceed their IT needs and expectations. Our IT assessments are aimed to enhance and improve your business’s IT infrastructure for improved function and security. Our IT professionals are certified, experienced and knowledgeable; our goal is to provide you with an effective path forward that will adapt to changing technologies.

The IT services provided by The Gazon Technologies allow your company to focus solely on its main workload by removing the stress of IT-related functions from your plate. If you allow us to manage your IT services, your company will be poised to thrive without the worry of cyber threats or prolonged downtime. Our innovative outlook on IT is proven effective and our professionals are knowledgeable, experienced and certified.

If you have never received an IT audit, or it has been over two years since your last comprehensive audit, contact the professionals at The Gazon Technologies today for a professional IT assessment.

A comprehensive IT Assessment from the Gazon Technologies can provide you a 360-degree view of how technology may be impacting your organization. But most importantly, it provides transparency and accountability.

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